Mission 2 (Colonel Lillput rescue)

Cid gathers you all for you mission briefing. He says this mission is at foremost a rescue mission. As you may know we suspect what is happening in Oklahoma City was due to Dragon Pharmaceuticals who used a modified version of the X22 chemical compound. We are still looking into what the compound is actually made of, how to recreate it and possibly find a cure for this. A sample of someone who has been injected with this compound may prove useful to this cause and also save one of our loved ones.

(plays clip from Colonei Lillput test) We believe this test took place way up north in Alaska. Thanks to some scrying done by Lightning Also thanks to that we were able to find a Dragon Pharmaceuticals located near there that has been shut down.
We have been able to provide you with floor plans however we are unsure if they have been falsified.

It is scheduled for demolition in 1 week via air strike. We are unsure if any other x22 victims are there or if there is a E.M.P. field in effect there. That being said we do have lightweight body armor designed by our engineering crew to block E.M.Ps.

This will take a day at least for them to make this. Robyn, we will give you access to floor 17 in attempt to allow you to shield your drones of this affect. This will however lower their armor rating by at least one. You will also need to winterize them to prevent them from freezing up. As this is taking place in abandoned facilities, false personas are unnecessary. However winter gear is necessary as the temperatures can reach the negative 30s to 40s. We will fly you there using our air craft and then you will be using an arctic cat to get you most of the way there.

This is a rescue mission, however we need to be careful. This is the only image we were able to pick up enhanced from far away imagesCA3E2SE0.jpg
We are unsure of their numbers or if this is Colonew Lillput. For this mission Lightning will be on loan from the alpha team. I was going to put Robyn in charge of this mission but seeing how she is so emotionally involved I have decided to put Tavwin in charge of this mission. Jace I would like to have a word with you prior to this mission.

new info Lightning will not be joining

Dr. Sergy Wolfgang has been positively identified from the original video.

Mission 2 (Colonel Lillput rescue)

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