M.E.G.A.S. or Mechanized, Enforcement, Guard, Attack, System
Is a prototype drone we liberated from Dragon Pharmaceuticals
as far as we can tell they kept the prototype off there main servers. As far as we know this is the only prototype and the only blue prints out there.


Body 10 Armor 12
handling +2
weight 500 lbs
10 ft tall
2 fully functional arms
walker mode
land speed/ 15 / hover 200/ flight unknown
hover upgrade
reduced weight
electromagnetic shielding
safe targeting system
missal defense system
self repair
voice activation / response

melee hardening Fist acts like a sludge hammer

right arm – retractable vi-bro sword memory blade reach 2 / thunderstruck Gauss rifle

Left arm – retractable heavy machine Gun

response- 6
pilot rating- 7
Auto soft- 6
Clear sight- 5
Maneuvering- 5
Targeting- 5
Electronic warfare- 6
initiative passes 4

7 symbols
symbol 1 ( sparks fly shuts down)
symbol 2 ( arms combine energy gathers then smoke fly’s out the back vents.
symbol 3 (untested
symbol 4 (untested
symbol 5 (untested
symbol 6 (untested
symbol 7 (untested


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