Congratulations. You have been selected by Cid because of your actions thus far in life (These actions need to be on your character page). Your past has been erased. Your ID has been replaced, and you are only to refer to each other by their code names. you have free housing and free food.

You have been recruited to help take down Dragon Pharmaceuticals, a pharmaceutical company that makes everything from simple medication to medical equipment to kids toys to household items. They have a military contract making weapons for the US government. (not related to the kids toys) There are runners that you have heard of that have created and sold (on the black market) some of the more potent and dangerous narcotics on the streets. Dragon Pharmaceuticalsis one of the largest companies in the world at the moment and has its own personal military. Cid has informed you that he believes he has found evidence that they are working on bio weapons, and that they are planing on overthrowing the government.

You are the newest team under Cid command. You are on Team Beta. You know of four other teams: Team Alpha, Team Omega, the oracles, and the med unit.

Beta team


Alpha team

Omega team

The Oracles

Med Team

other shadowrunners

Group Intel


MIssion 1
Mission 2 (Colonel Lillput rescue)

Shadow Run

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