MIssion 1

mission Briefing Packet

You are to Select one of 3 target Dragon Pharmaceuticals Transports for Team Beta And Team Alfa, as for team omega they have already bin dispatched on a prier mission. As Team Beta is new to our team I thought throwing you in the deep end was the best way to determine if you sink or swim. In this mission Jace, will be selecting the targets for both teams and he will be team caption on this mission for team beta.

your target is the contents inside the armored vehicle.
the contents of the vehicle are unknown. If you are unsuccessful in acquiring the target destroy it.

this vehicle has 3 transport units with it. 1 black car witch I believe to host mages.
and 2 S.U.V.’s witch we have learned from past missions are equipped witch Gatling guns.


you have 3 hours to prepare good luck
and as always incase of emergency call in the ice-cream truck witch will be on stand by.
remember the deaths of innocents will not be tolerated. accidents and injuries do happen however you are to avoided lethal force that will kill anyone who is not part of Dragon Pharmaceuticals, or a rival shadow runners. if the lone star police get involved use none lethal force.

MIssion 1

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