lab 22

this is were X22 is being studied

Tavwen you have bin given special access to a single room on floor nineteen witch is a small since lab. In this lab you find a human femal girl in a lab coat. She introduces herself as Rebecca. She says hello I am to understand I’m am to aid u in examining this formula compound. You see a pre boxes of twinkies sitting on a Petrie dish

Tavwen introduces himself and then immediately and the two of them have bin able to isolate x2 from the twinkies however it seams heavily altered Rebecca tells you CID had found some old files on it apparently dragon pharmaceuticals thought your poison was the key to immortality

A few days later you are informed that the city in Oklahoma where the drop off happened has bin corenteaned off by the government

Rebecca tells you she thinks there are trace amounts of vampire DNA in it. But we can’t be sure unless we captured one Or at lest a fresh sample. there is also trace elements Rebecca is unsure what they are.

lab 22

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