Your headquarters is located underneath a popular bar named “the Spot”, run by a female gnome who has cheetah spot tattoos and goes by the name Spot. She is a Mage with a short fuse at times. The Bouncer is a troll named Hugo, who has a cyber-arm. The bartender is Mr. Gold, a male elf. At headquarters you are limited to the first six floors. You know there are more floors but your access does not grant you entrance past the sixth floor.

Custodial staff

The following are the floors you have access to:
•Floor 1 – parking and equipment room
•Floor 2 – hospital floor / spyciatric word
•Floor 3 – training floor
•Floor 4 – recreation floor / kitchen (chef is Brick, a troll with 2 cybernetic legs)
•Floor 5 – Team Beta and medical team’s sleeping quarters
•Floor 6 – half the floor is Cid’s office, the rest is blocked off (you don’t have access)

Floor 17- engineering

*floor 19- science labs


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