Cid was a well known billionaire running his own computer safety net company called dragon slayer. he has a military background were he was forced to join the military at age of sixteen after hacking into the cities power grid and causing a blackout that lasted several days
it was noted that Cid in his time in the military had become a very skilled sniper.

Cids avatar neo_archangemon_by_neoarchangemon-d578lgy.pngbecame notorious in the cyber world winning and running several competitions.

only to some Cid had joined a shadow running group after his time in the military with a couple of his military friends. after a altercation with a dragon in some ancient ruins Cid retired his shadow running in the field. Cid remained behind the ceanse for quit a wile organizing shadow runners and recruiting new runners to work for him.

after digging around in some of the larger companies data basses he had discovered the horrible things the Dragon pharmaceutical had bin doing. cid started focusing his shadow runs against this corporation. assassins were sent twice after him the first time it cost cid his wife. the second time he was able to capture the assassin for a wile. and he had released him after he had proven to the assassin what the Dragon pharmaceutical was rely doing.

Knowing that assassins were only going to keep coming after him in his mansion cid moved his operations to the second base of operations that was still under construction under the spot. Cid burrend the mansion down and left evidence that he died in the fire. if cid ever go’s out in public it is always in discize

now when Cid sends his shadow runners out he always sends them in diskise as some of the other well known groups such as
the jokers

Cid stopped using his avatar and has started using chibi_angel.jpg

his computer company was closed down and a new one has open up Wight fox fox.png

when The Oracles are not helping the shadow runners they are working adding income to the organization.


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