Colonel Lilliput

robyn's dad and former hero


in the early century he was a revolutionary and hero. mostly fighting for social reform through questionably terrorist actions but also engaging in what might be called pure heroics. his political slant gained him a mixed, though mostly positive reputation. just before the action of the game he was suffering from an age-related degenerative neurological disease and sought treatment from dragon pharmaceuticals. shortly thereafter Robyn was informed of his demise and given ashes and compensation. suspecting foul play Robyn spent her compensation looking into the circumstances of his death.

while looking into his disappearance she was informed that there was no record of him ever actually having been treated for anything. further digging revealed a short tape of him strapped to a table being injected with something and then beginning to transform before the video cut out.

roughly 2 months and 20 days from the beginning of their training Robyn received an offer from Lightning to help gain some information on her father’s whereabouts. one of her monitoring drones recorded the following sound bite.
“I can tell you only a few things of what I could see. It’s snowing there. He may be out side. But there is something terrible there. I don’t know what I saw large claw marks on the outside of a larg building”


Colonel Lilliput

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